Our favorites

Blueberry Powder FRUTOCA

Rich in vitamin A, C, E and mineral salts.
Gluten-free and sugar-free!
100% organic blueberries.

Pumpkin and Walnut Jam

Delicious pumpkin and walnut jam.
No added colorants or preservatives.
With 100% BIO sugar.

Strawberry FRUTOCA

Rich in vitamin C, folate and potassium.
For a super crunchy snack!
100% organic strawberries.



At Cordeiro's Farm we are committed to producing berries that make you happy and preserving the land for future generations.


Who we are

It's hard to summarize how it all began at Cordeiro's Farm and has grown to this day...

How was it possible for a couple of engineers with two children to set off on such an adventure!… but here we are and here it is:


Our satisfied customers

The products are innovative and healthy! The service is very fast and very friendly!
It's a pleasure to deal with Cordeiros Farm!

Purly de Sura

I have the privilege of getting to know the entrepreneurial capacity of Patrícia Cordeiro, from Cordeiro's Farm, with whom I share a room in this adventure that is being an entrepreneur, in the NEVA building - Núcleo Empresarial de Vagos. I have to say that I know very few projects like this. My best wishes for 2017 are that all the projects that are part of the IERA Incubator in Vagos get the recognition they deserve. That's what we all work for every day.

Telmo Ferreira

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