Freeze-dried organic fruit

Frutoca, our freeze-dried fruit

Natural snacks

We couldn't remain indifferent to the amount of fruit left over from the increase in planting and the careful selection of our red fruits, not to mention Mr. Cordeiro's ingenuity... In 2018, we began the first tests to transform the remaining fruit into a product with taste and nutritional quality: the FRUTOCA - Freeze-dried organic fruit.

Its name says it all! FRUTOCA, my son's idea, because every time we tested the product he said:
"Mommy, do you have any more of that fruit that looks like popcorn?"

It's the perfect combination of Fruit and Popcorn, just like FRUTOCA - a 100% fruit, 100% crunchy, natural (no added sugars, no colorings or preservatives) healthy snack , ideal for school, the office, after exercise! Whenever you feel like a bite or a break! Even at home, it can be used as an ingredient in cereals, yogurt, cakes, ice cream or any other culinary creation.
In short, it has infinite applicability
But how do we do it?

Once our berries have been picked, selected in the field and checked and sealed in the preparation house, they are frozen and then put through a vacuum machine that sublimates all the water in the berry without damaging the fibers, preserving all the fruit's organoleptic properties. With this premium process we have managed to dehydrate the fruit, have 0% food waste, obtain a natural snack (no added sugars, no colorings or preservatives), with all the characteristics of fruit, taste and crunch like popcorn!

So that you can enjoy FRUTOCA better, we have two versions available:
fruita liofilizada


Do you want to know how to buy our FRUTOCA crunchy popcorn and what flavors we have?
fruta liofilizada pó


Do you want to know how to buy our FRUTOCA powder and what our flavors are?

- What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a process of sublimating the water of a given product, i.e. making the frozen water go straight from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing through the liquid.

- What are the advantages of freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying allows the water present in the fruit to be removed without it losing its properties, which is not the case with other drying processes, where the product is altered. drying processes, where the product is altered.

- How to eat freeze-dried fruit?

There are countless ways to consume freeze-dried fruit and enjoy its benefits. They can be eaten as a snack in their natural form, or mixed with yogurt, added to a smoothie, porridge, cakes or ice cream. To consume freeze-dried fruit, simply use your culinary creativity!

- Are additives added?

No additives, dyes, preservatives or sugars are added to our freeze-dried fruit. Our cultivation method is certified organic and we have Global GAP certification.

We guarantee that what you are consuming is 100% freeze-dried organic fruit.

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