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Scope and object of the General Store Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions, together with the order form and the other elements referred to therein, are intended to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of the Online Shop Service. CORDEIROS FARM by BECORDEIRO’S LDA, with registered office at Z.i. Vagos lote 141 – EDF NEVA – IERA, 3840-385 Vagos, under the single registration and legal person identification number 514362367.

The Service consists of providing access to the Online Shop via the store address www.cordeirosfarm.com which, in addition to providing information on a range of products and/or services, allows the User to electronically order the products advertised therein, under the terms and conditions described herein.

Whereas BECORDEIRO’S LDA with the trademark CORDEIROS FARM carries out the sale of products and services over the internet and considering the Customer’s interest in purchasing the products offered by BECORDEIRO’S FARM, LDA through its sales channels, the purpose of this contract is to establish the general conditions of use and purchase of products and services by the customer of the site Cordeirosfarm.


BECORDEIRO’S LDA is responsible for preserving the confidentiality of all data and information provided by the Customer during the purchase process. The site’s security is audited daily and guaranteed against hackers by means of the “SLL” seal.

Customer Service (SAC)

Customers can use this service to resolve any queries, requests or complaints about their order or any content available on the site. SAC can be contacted by email at sac@cordeirosfarm.com.

Delivery policy

The delivery time for the products is informed during the purchase procedure.

  • Checking that the dimensions of the product are appropriate is the responsibility of the Customer, who must ensure that they comply with the spatial limits of the elevators, doors and corridors of the delivery site. There will be no assembly or disassembly of the product, transportation by ladder and/or doors and windows, or lifting of deliveries.
  • Up to two delivery attempts will be made to the location provided, on alternate days, with an interval of up to 48 hours between deliveries. It is essential that, at the address requested, there is a person authorized by the buyer, over 18 years of age, and carrying identification to receive the goods and sign the delivery protocol. If two attempts are unsuccessful, the order will be returned to the BECORDEIRO’S LDA Distribution Center.
  • Once the order has been finalized, it is not possible to change the payment method and/or delivery address, request an advance payment or priority delivery.
  • The delivery time informed during the Product purchase procedure takes into account the product’s stock, region and preparation time. With each update to the order’s delivery status, BECORDEIRO’S LDA’s system automatically sends alert emails to the Customer.
  • The cost of delivery is calculated based on the place of delivery, weight and dimensions of the Product.
  • BECORDEIRO’S LDA does not authorize the carrier to: enter the home; deliver by alternative means (e.g. hoisting the product through a window); carry out product installation or maintenance; open the product packaging; deliver to addresses other than the one provided by the user; deliver to minors or those without identification documents.


The Customer shall be entitled to exercise the right to withdraw from the purchase in order to return the Product, in which case the following conditions must be observed:

  • The deadline for withdrawing from the purchase of the product is up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt; in the event of a return, the product must be returned to BECORDEIRO’S LDA in its original packaging.

The Customer must request a return via the Customer Service Department (SAC) at sac@cordeirosfarm.com . BECORDEIRO’S LDA shall bear the costs of sending the Product.

Once the product has arrived at the Distribution Center, Cordeiro’s Farm
Cordeiro’s Farm
will check the condition of the product. In the event of a problem, as indicated, we will provide a refund of the total purchase price.

This document is governed by Portuguese law.

Terms of use


This document regulates the use of the BECORDEIRO’S website  LDA and all its content. Users of this website should read this information carefully. If you do not agree with the terms presented here, you should not continue visiting the website.

Declaration on copyright protection.

               This website with the address www.cordeirosfarm.com is the property of BECORDEIRO’S LDA.  The content of this website is protected by Copyright and Related Rights under the laws of Portugal and the European Union and may not be used outside the conditions mentioned here. All the information contained on this website is considered public. Users may copy, import or use information here free of charge for personal or public use, provided that such use is not for profit or offensive. However, users should always refer to the source of the information. Copying, importing or using symbols, logos or other images is not permitted, unless expressly authorized and always with reference to the source of the information. The protection of copyright and industrial property rights on the contents of this website extends to all copies of part or all of the information contained therein. Any attempts to  alter information or any other action that may cause damage and jeopardize the integrity of the system are strictly prohibited and may be punished in accordance with current legislation.

Disclaimer of liability

            BECORDEIRO’S LDA is not liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, suffered by any user in relation to the information contained on this website. It is the concern of the managers of this website to minimize the inconvenience caused by technical errors. However, some data or information contained on this site may have been designed or structured in files or formats that could cause errors. Therefore, BECORDEIRO’S LDA cannot guarantee that the service provided will not be interrupted or disrupted as a result of such problems.

Confidentiality statement

            The confidentiality of the identity of the visitor to this page is guaranteed by the Personal Data Protection Act Law no. 67/98, of October 26 – so no personal data will be provided to third parties without the prior consent of its owner. When the user is asked to provide their e-mail address, it is for the sole purpose of answering questions and will not be used for any other purpose.

Links to third parties

            BECORDEIRO’S LDA  is not responsible for the quality or veracity of the statements reproduced on the websites to which the hypertext links, also known as “hyperlinks” or “links” on this page refer. BECORDEIROS’S LDA does not exercise any control over the content, products or services offered by third parties through the links inserted in it.

Acceptance and attachment

            All users of the services offered on this site are bound by their acceptance of and respect for the conditions expressed herein. If you have any questions or comments about the information on this website, please contact the Webmaster.

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